Manicure .. 15 $


                                   Spa pedicure ...25 $


                                   Deluxe spa pedicure ...35 $



                        Special foot massage ..30$/30 min


                        Spa pedicure: 25 $

                            Nail shaping

                            Cuticle maintenance

                            Pedicure scrub

                            Sea salt



                        Deluxe spa pedicure: 35 $

                       ‘’ Regular spa pedicure plus’’

                            Foot mask wrap

                            Hot towel

                            Callus remove

                            Exfoliate scrub



                                             Sanitized Equipment

All pedicure soaks include an anti-microbial and anti-fungal additive. Because of safety health, we always use only hospital-grade disinfection, disposables, and fully sanitized implement at our shop. Furthermore, we are proud to provide our valued clients with "pipe-less" Spa pedicure massage chairs. "Pipe-less" means no pipes, which means no places for bacteria and fungi to hide.




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